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Feb 01, 2013 by Amanda M.

I was vacationing in Tahoe and needed to keep up with my routine. Of course, I was apprehensive about working with a trainer other than my own, but Kyler made me feel at ease and designed very beneficial workouts. He addressed my double ACL repair and back surgery related needs and kept the workouts really exciting. I would work out with him again anytime and highly recommend him.

Jun 27, 2012 by April

“I have been working out with Kyler for the last few months and he is an amazing trainer. He is very concerned about the well being of his clients and designs his workouts with your health, safety and goals in mind. We started off meeting 3 days a week and we did a variety of different workouts (kettle bells, resistance bands, squats, lunges, sprints, jumping etc). I’ve had problems with my back for years and I never had any issues with the exercises Kyler had me do. The first 6 weeks saw me lose inches from my waist, hips, etc. I toned up and felt better than I had in months. He also helps you track your calorie intake (with an easy online app) to keep you mindful of what you eat everyday. I have a weird schedule and he was very flexible and I never had a problem getting an appointment. If you’re just starting out or just want to switch up your routine, I highly recommend working out with Kyler at Sierra Athletic Club!”

May 13, 2012 by Courtney

no vanity meant, but ive lost 33lbs to date! loving my motivation and Kyler Crouse for being an amazing trainer who has given me the tools of a lifetime to keep this booty in shape! #yayme

Dec 12, 2011 by Judy W.

“My name is Judy W. and this is my story. I am 66 years old, a mother of 5, and have been a hairstylist for 48 years. I have had weight issues my entire life and have tried every diet on the market, some more than once.

Four years ago, at age 61 I had a full knee replacement. During my follow up visits with my doctors, it was revealed that I was pre-diabetic; I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and had high uric acid. I was also having a hard time getting around. After a visit with my Dr. and a dietician on 03-20-2011, I chose to start eating healthier after 21 days I had lost 17lbs. On 04-15-2011 my son Jon, (who had lost 85lbs with the help of this friend personal trainer Kyler Crouse), set me up with an appointment with Kyler as an early Mother’s Day present. As some who had NEVER worked out, I was very hesitant and afraid. That was the first day on my journey.

That was 8 months, 4 dress sizes and 75lbs ago. I now work out with Kyler 3 times a week and swim for an hour once a week. When we started on 04-15-2011, I could barely walk 30 feet, Kyler now has me doing ssquats, push-ups (my favorite), cardiovascular workouts as well as weight training and walking. At 66 years old I feel wonderful and thankful to Kyler Crouse, Sierra Athletic Club and my Drs. for helping me get my life back. My family has also been 110% supportive and instrumental in helping me on my journey. My next goal is to lose another 25lbs and reach the 100lb mark. Once I reach that goal, I will only have 25 more lbs left to lose before I reach my final goal weight.

Most importantly , As of 12-12-2011, my blood pressure numbers are normal, my uric acid is normal, my cholesterol is normal, and my sugars numbers are down and I am no longer pre-diabetic.“

Sep 19, 2011 by Janice

\”This past summer, while on vacation in Lake Tahoe I spent two months working out with Kyler Crouse three times a week. I have worked out with private trainers for the past twenty years. Kyler ranks among the best. He is very dedicated to his craft and has an intuitive sense of how to achieve results. Because of his personality and positive attitude I always looked forward to my workouts. I lost weight, gained muscle and happily could fit into my size 6 pants again. He is very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. He is always making sure that your form is perfect and you are OK—–thus preventing any chance of injury.

I was very fortunate to be one of many of Kyler\’s clients and so will you\”

Aug 10, 2011 by Heathyr

“Throughout high school and even into my first couple of years of college I was very thin. It wasn’t by choice it was by genetics, so I thought. Later in life I figured out the truth, it was because I was ALWAYS active. However, slowly I learned that inactivity, laziness, and inability to be motivated to take the time to work out will take its toll. It was my lack of intelligence about physical activity that later proved to be the problem. I snowboarded 3-5 times a week and worked as a waitress 4-5 nights a week and rode my bike around town and thought that was enough to stay in shape. Wrong!

Three months before I turned 25 I weighed the most I ever had in my life and was depressed about it. For the first time in my life I was feeling sorry for myself and couldn’t do anything about it. My clothes were fitting to tight, and I didn’t feel comfortable in anything I owned. Also contributing to this depression was a sharp pain in my left knee and a continuous surging pain in my right hip. I think originally I wasn’t sure if there was anything that could help “fix” what was going on with my body, but then I realized there was. In our initial meeting I spoke with Kyler and expressed my feelings about not particularly “knowing” how to work out at the gym. I didn’t know how to go to the gym. All the equipment intimidated me. I’m really good at reading directions but have know idea how to use something that doesn’t have directions. I’ve never been the one to just start trying to figure out how to use a squat machine (I forgot what its called) either. Its like how is it helping if I’m doing it wrong anyways.

I had my doubts about working out, and boy was I wrong. To start off with Kyler is amazing! My first experience with a personal trainer could not have been better. He has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy, not to mention experience. He was constantly challenging me with new exercises and always encouraged me. It is more than amazing the amount of time he put into my individual training sessions. Every time we met he would have something new to freshen up our workouts, even if it was just a stretching exercise. He makes working out fun and knowledgeable. This is what kept me coming back. An hour goes by of grueling exercises and although I am completely fatigued and exhausted I have had a great time. He quickly understood my goals and weaknesses and worked to incorporate sports-specific moves for activities that are important to me.

I have to say the best things that have come out of this experience is that I no longer have pain in my knee or hip and not only have I lost weight and feel confident but I have toned, strengthened and gained muscle where I needed it. I would not hesitate to recommend Kyler to anyone looking to start a program or gain more knowledge as to what they are doing. The only thing I regret is not calling Kyler sooner! If your looking for the perfect personal trainer Kyler is the whole package”.

KCstrength , USA 5.0 5.0 6 6 I was vacationing in Tahoe and needed to keep up with my routine. Of course, I was apprehensive about working with a trainer other than my own, but Kyler made me feel at ease and