The Blog is Back


So what did happen? Why bring the blog back?

Well a lot has changed since I last wrote for the Tahoe Daily Tribune and I look forward to sharing helpful information and my take on the fitness and health/medical industry as someone that is "in the trenches", sorry I hate that phase. However i do work at a high level performance center that is also attached to a hospital that caters to professional athletes, weekend warriors (sorry another horrible fitness c, people rehabbing from injures and everyone in between. 

I look forward to help bridge the gap between elite performance and the general population. What do the best of best do and more importantly, how can that apply and benefit you.

Before I wrote because I got paid, it was part of my job, but now I want to tell my story, and hopefully help some people along the way. 

Please ask questions, love and try to help people out.

Thanks for stoping by and make sure you subscribe for more content.

Kyler Crouse

About the Author:

Kyler Crouse, BS, CSCS

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