Girls Gone Strong Certification – Initial Impressions and Thoughts

With so many certifications, books, online courses, workshops, etc to attend, and only so much "free" time; what makes for a worthwhile time to sit down on a Sunday and spend a few hours investing in yourself?

I like to ask myself a couple of questions:

1. Will it help be become a better coach?

The majority of my time and my true passion is helping everyday people become better. Too often I pick workshops/certs because I think they are interesting but not For example I love to use duel force plate technology to nerd out on and test clients with. However for the amount of time it takes to learn and the meaningful changes I get out of the techonlonly can be minimal for me at this time. ( Check out future blogs posting talking about this subject )

2. Will it help the business? 

If I am traveling, taking time off, losing any free time during the weekend and spend money, I need it to pay off. Unfurently  there have been more than a couple of times returning home with  not a lot of things I can change in my business. Sometimes it was because of a piece of equipment I did have, others out of my scope of practice and some were so complicated that it was hard to implement effectively. Basically, I need a return on my investment 





I would say that so far the Girls Gone Strong Certicifaions has checked all the boxes. The course consists of a appoxamintly 600 word text book covering coaching and psychology,  nutrition, and exercise and recovery. There is also a length online componnet with lots of premed forms, great videos for those that like to watch instead of read and a test at the end of the section.

So far I have only complete the first section, coaching and psychology and it was better than I was expecting. I really like the case studies and along with the workout provide lots of resources to practice some of the new skills. There is also an online group that has been helpful  

About the Author:

Kyler Crouse, BS, CSCS

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