MMA Inspired Abs

Stir the Pot Exercise with Swiss Ball

This is an exercise I stole from my man crush respected colleague Dr. Stuart McGill. He is the world leader in back pain research and works with elite MMA athletes like Georges St. Pierre.
The stir the pot exercise is a great intermediate to advanced exercise that challenges all the core musculature the way it was best meant to be used…. that is to resist movement! This is a great progression from the traditional plank.
By holding the plank position on an unusable surface, it increases the intensity of the exercise. Now when we incorporate the “stir the pot” motion using the arms, we are working on anti-rotation, anti-flexion/extension and anti-lateral movement all at the same time. Make sure to stay straight, keep your scapula retracted (put your shoulder blades together), and that your head is in line with your spine.
Stir The Pot Exercise:

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